“Death...its like going on the most wonderful holiday, without any of the bother of having to pack."

Simon is shooting a film in India when his Uncle David calls him with a message of doom: “Come back to London, I think I may be dying.” What the viewer doesn’t yet know is that David is a Shakespeare-loving drama queen who has grown old on a diet of attention and applause. But Simon finds his own life drastically interrupted when he returns to try and sort everything out. David has no intention of dying.

As the months turn into years David accidently makes himself homeless, and refuses to go into a care home. While Simon tries to figure out how he can help his anarchic and spirited uncle, David sits in his kitchen reciting King Lear, “It’s the play about an old man becoming infirm, losing his mind and giving his kingdom away” he tells his nephew. Simon soon discovers that his uncle too has been giving away thousands of pounds to a hot young “carer”. As David’s life echoes the play that he loves so much, Simon is left with the challenge of trying to help David find a good ending to the drama that his own life has become.

“...joyous clarity...bittersweet empathy...in this achingly funny-sad film"


"In its refreshingly frank look at the end of life, Much Ado About Dying becomes a thought-provoking study of what it means to live."

-Screen Daily

"Chambers’ family-filming-family masterpiece is a tender and often funny chronicle of a dying man who secretes his brilliant charisma..."

-Film Verdict

"the best kind of documentary. It will make you laugh and cry. It will also make you pause for thought."

-Backseat Mafia

About the filmmaker

Simon Chambers was a Youth Worker in London for 14 years helping disadvantaged teenagers. In 2004, while a student at the National Film and Television School, he won the Royal Television Society award for best European Student Documentary.

In 2006 his first feature documentary Every Good Marriage Begins With Tears was shown on BBC Storyville, and showed on TV in around 30 countries, winning several prizes at festivals.

In 2009 he completed feature length documentary “Cowboys in India” which has also won several prizes and has shown on TV in UK, USA and India. His short fiction “Playing Dead” showed at Cannes in 2010. He has taught at the National Film and Television School in the UK and at Jamia Millia Islamic University in New Delhi, and made films for Oxfam.

Selected Filmography

  • When The Pie Was Opened 2003
  • The Company We Keep 2004
  • Playing Dead 2004 (Fiction short)
  • Letters Home 2005
  • Every Good Marriage Begins With Tears 2006
  • Cowboys in India 2009
  • Life Begins With Tears 2016
  • Much Ado About Dying 2022